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Product name

Soft and fast packing door

Affiliate classification
Product description
Eligibility Condition

It is suitable for high frequency pass requirement, with wind resistance or thermal insulation requirement.

Usually used in electronic processing workshops, food processing factories, logistics centers and other places.

feature of the module
  1. It adopts double layer high strength, high toughness and corrosion resistance aluminum alloy extrusion molding, strong and durable, safe and reliable.
  2. Strong sealing, anti-wind pressure, beautiful, not rusting, anti-theft, low noise, fast speed, high frequency of opening, good safety performance
  3. Fast speed, average speed of 0.5m/s-1.2m/s (customizable).
  4. Safety and reliability: the safety and overall operation of the door bearing structure are guaranteed by the overall frame structure.
  5. Stable operation system: adopt high quality European standard power and control system to ensure the stability of the power and control system of the door.
technical feature

For wearing the anti-wind rings, adjustable design, adopt hard connection scheme, bearing heavy durability.

View window, customizable elliptical holes or long lines.

Strong design anti-wind bar, design anti-wind ability ≥30 m/s


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